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#189947 - Leon had lost his patience he reaches down to whip of his towel, he laid there naked and proud, his erection seemed to grow a couple more inches as I shockingly gazed at it, 8, maybe 9 inches of thick black, uncircumcised cock stood at full mask in front of me, my mouth instantly flooded with wetness, admiring its beauty, I watched as the dark veins running up his shaft twitched, pumping more blood to his fat, cock head. I walked over to the reception desk and rang the bell, a few moments later a Japanese looking woman walked out from behind the black curtain, she looked to be in her mid 30’s with long straight black hair and pale white skin, she was quite tall from what I've seen compared to other Asian women with a slim figure. “ Shit, I really need to turn around girl, it's getting way too uncomfortable for me”, Leon announced as he lifted his body up with ease and started to turn over.

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