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#197643 - She moaned loudly, as she rolled across you, taking your cock from my mouth she whispered “sorry” to me as she slipped u inside her, I moaned, so did you, I held your balls tight around the base of your cock, I could feel you buzzing, but I wasn’t gong to allow you to cum yet!, she could use you, and I knew it wouldn’t take her long, but I was not going to let you cum yet, because I still needed you, I gripped tighter, reaching a hand round to her clit, she lifted up letting my hand in and screamed out, I licked and kissed her back as she trembled in my arms, I felt her shaking as she reached her orgasm, she juddered and silently breathed out, she slid off into my arms, all smiles and looked at me with such emotions as she whispered thank you to me and slid next to me completely relaxed and peaceful. We reached in at the same moment, covering you in warm soft kisses. Wow x.

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