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#148943 - Her body was now in a slight curving concave position - head down, pelvis up. With every thrust she screamed YES! YES! YES! AHHHHH! UUMPH! AHHH! FUCK ME YOU BIG DICKED MOTHER FUCKER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! Since Stormy was also trained to be a stud, he did not cum quickly as he was used for service or semen collection a few times a week I watched mesmerized as I suddenly noted his large heavy balls were ever slowly getting closer to Kate’s ass. As I pretended not to notice, she had causally kept one hand in place between her legs in her squatting position but I could see her surreptitiously moving her fingers against her clit while she languidly fondled the cock as it slowly stiffened to it’s full 18 inch length! When I said I needed to get shots of her glistening pussy, she slowly moved her hand aside.

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