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#21880 - . Do I ever love it when after being well used, a woman like this still has the audacity and nerve when helplessly naked to resist like this, at least vocally! With her last defiant gesture, I had with an evil grin taken the cattle prod and had switched the “U” shaped end for the shorter single tipped one, then had adjusted the intensity of blue arc voltage output to a much lower setting! With Louise still defiant and gently swinging back and forth upside down, with her black polished heels far apart and pointing up! I had one last sadistic trick in order to get her to submit! It takes a woman with a fair sized clitoris to make it work and Louise certainly had one now as my trick only required a short loop of Kevlar fishing twine! My expertise with with ropes and knots allowed me to do this sinister sadistic thing as I placed the open loop around the base of her dark pink swollen clitoris and pulled the special slip knot snug! Her reaction was a quick startled yelp! Followed b

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