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#113180 - There was a cousins wedding coming up and all the family were invited so my middle sister Claire came home from university for 6 days which meant she would share with Tara and my younger sister Sally was to share my room and it was me on the camp bed, it also meant l was unable to fuck my sister Tara. When she was out l went to the bathroom to have a wank into a pair of her knickers then once l had shot my thick load over them l put the knickers back in the wash basket and went to my bedroom not realising Tara was now home and stood on the landing her eyes fixed on my cock which was still quite thick and hard, l had forgotten all about being naked as it didn’t bother me anyway, l simply said ‘your back early’ and went to my room to carry on listening to music. I lay in bed going over what had happened at the same time gently stroking my cock, 15 or 20 minutes later my shaft was hard and ready to shoot another sticky load, so l plucked up courage to go to my sister Tara’s room a

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