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#218545 - We all tried our best, but Jim won, so she said ok, he's won already so which ever one of you three wins next gets to go into the bedroom, well it took three hands before Mark won, he stood up and grabbed Amanda's hand, almost pulling her down the hall to the bedroom, we played another hand, he came out quicker than the other two, but he too had the big grin on his face. It was around 1:30 when we all stopped the game and called it a night, the girls all gave them another head job as they left, they were all over that, so when they were gone, I turned to them and I said ok, it's my turn to pay you both back, Amanda said your damn straight you are, lets get to bed, my pussy is dripping wet, Pam said oh yea, I want that cock inside me also, so lets do this, I followed behind them and we screwed until I had no more cum inside me, we fell asleep and the next morning I was awakened by lips around my cock, it was Pam, she wanted more, so I gave it to her, she stayed until alm

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