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#40694 - By the time me any Amy finished up it was time to head out i wasn't gonna be able to see her for 2 weeks due to school holidays so i hugged her goodbye and wished her a happy holiday. My mum had to go to hospital for a couple of days so i managed to have the house to myself for the day and after school Tiffany came over again we were straight away in bed together cuddling and kissing and talking it went so slow and romantic in a good way i kept on hinting i want to go further and i knew she would to i guided her hand on my cock she jerked it up and down sinking her nails into my shaft lightly it was a tad painful but bearable i moved my hand to her boobs and continued making out with her i asked her if she was ready for me to finger her she nodded and guided my hand towards her pussy the first thing i could feel was my palm brushing past her fair amount of pubic hair down towards the lips of her pussy my finger went straight inside flickering around inside her i was

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