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#142553 - I went to leave and spotted her thong on the floor, I decided to keep it for later tonight, (and every night for the next few years for that matter). I had had only one serious girlfriend previously but she moved away, and a few others but it didn't last very long, or get very far with them. I felt her hand had crept up my leg slightly and was now resting just below my hips and her smooth hand stroked my face.

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Yui kanakura
Beautiful body we draw inspiration from your hentais will you look at us
Dia kurosawa
Fuck that is hot fuck you are hot i wish i was in the seat next to you on my flight back from south america
Chihiro mayuzumi
Uuuuuuuuur aaaaahhhhrrr uhrrrrr ahhhhrrrrrr aaaaaaargh uuuuuuuuur aaaaahhhhrrr uhrrrrr ahhhhrrrrrr aaaaaaargh
This was the last marathon hope you love it