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#220687 - Then she got up and kissed me deeply, slurping her tongue with mine, definitely wasn't expecting to taste my own cum, but it wasn't too bad, i was way too horny to even care, mom broke off the kiss and grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into her hand and mine, i started on her head, then her shoulders and worked my way down to her breasts, mom already had shampooed my hair, and was rubbing the rest of the soap on my chest and my stomach, we finally rinsed each other off and got out of the shower, drying each other off, we held hands as we walked back to her bed, not even bothering putting any clothes on, we got under the sheets and we got right back into the position that started this whole thing, as we spooned she turned and gave me one last kiss goodnight. I heard the water start running, as i lay on the bed, with the biggest of my life on my face, my mom comes back in and says “hey babe, the water is ready, why dont u get in, and ill grab us a couple of beers” I got

Read Spy Cam Wagaya ni Kenja ga Yatte Kita!! - Touhou project Roughsex Wagaya ni Kenja ga Yatte Kita!!

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Hikaru ichijyo
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