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#296651 - She did it a third time before finally going home, she had, had 3 of the most intense orgasm of her life and was exhausted, she didn’t even have the energy to get changed for bed she just slept in the clothes she was wearing, the mobile still in her panties. “And?” Tally prompted her; she wanted to know every detail that Laura could give, no matte how small it was “And that’s it” Laura said with a shy grin “Oh come on I know there is more then that… how did it feel?” Tally asked looking her friend in the eyes and smiling widely “Ok, it was great, I have never felt anything like it before, the way that dildo vibrated against my clit was just exquisite and the feeling of it shaking in my pussy wow mind blowing!” Laura said as she felt her pussy get a little wet as she told her friend in a coffee shop all about her exploits with her sex toy. Tally laughed and said its even better to do it in public.

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