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#257937 - Moving her face she finds you clit, licking and lapping at it uncontrollably mashing it with her tongue Sarah brings you to your first orgasm, bucking you hips as she eats you, you scream out her name again and again. You hear him stop dead and can only imagine him staring at his wife and sister in law in a deep passionate kiss. Using your free hand you undo Sarah’s blouse as you kiss her neck, moaning louder now as you rub her pussy through her dampening panties she helps you pull the blouse open exposing her bare breasts, even you didn’t know she hadn’t put on a bra when she got ready, leaning down you suck on one of Sarah’s nipples eliciting another gasp.

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Soma peries
You re so pretty especially when you re taking his load on your face
Jedah dohma
Wow you are the best i like your body
Futaba sakura