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#88670 - She pull apart form Shaggydog and said that was the best fuck in my entire life thank you both for that could you both please keep me warm for the night since it so cold out here I need two strong wolfs to protect me form the scary white walkers pretty please maybe I’ll reward you both if you’ll save me form one how does that sound to y’all. Osha collapses on the froest floor summer lay on top of her while Shaggydog came toward them he looked at Osha with an growl of happiness lowing his face to Osha to which she took his face and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth as well god she loves these direwolves more and more. Osha got right into Summer face and breath on his face don’t worry handsome I didn’t forget about you he moved a little closer until they were face to face Summer let out an low growl which made Osha moan like crazy she pant I was to fucking kiss you right here and now let me feel that sexy tongue in my mouth right now.

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