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#54724 - The next thing I knew, I had the most fantastic sensation around my groin, as I felt the strong grip of his hands on my buttocks and my organ was engulfed by something beautifully soft and warm. More to the point, I now realised that my trunks were down the other end! Overcome by shyness, I froze and turned my back as he came down the far lane towards the shallow-end. He had the fascinating habit of sitting with one ankle crossed on top of his other knee, so that as I swam down the lane and approached his station at one end, I could see right up the leg of his blue shorts, within the darkness of which I could clearly see the rounded white shape of his “modesty-panel”, tantalizingly hiding as it did, his testicles and his penis – frustratingly beyond my reach! I used to imagine what they must be like – bunched in his groin, large and full, set in a nest of curls surrounding a silky-soft and olive-coloured penis, uncircumcised of course! At school, I had always been so shy in the s

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