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#16663 - , but he was cut off when she said cryptically, Now Jimmy, don't be like may asshole husband and leave me hanging in the lurch, you gotta do me, and do me now!!! Just being compared to President Boyle was enough to make him want to throw up, so throwing caution to the winds, he helped Mrs. Even as he felt fingers undoing his belt buckle and soft hands slipping inside his shorts to where his manhood was trying in vain to escape its cotton prison, he tried pulling away long enough to say, No, it's wrong, we can't do this, but she kissed him again and pulled his hard erection into the warm White House air, and while still sitting in her chair, she straightened Jim up and leaned forward, taking his hard penis into her mouth!!! When he looked down, he couldn't help but feel totally stunned, here was a woman known the whole world over and universally loved by one and all, and yet here she was devouring his dick like there was no tomorrow!!! She let it slip out of

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