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#221564 - Darren was leaning back and enjoying the display, a huge grin on his face as he eyed up every detail of her young, nubile, body, licking his lips in a perverse fashion (god I love that look on a man's face). My focus is driven away from Alex and Darren for the moment as I stared right at Mark’s engorged member, my wild, lust-filled side was screaming at me to just reach over and take hold of his tool and go to town to quench my sexual thirst, but I held firm to my values to not cheat. “ no way you look hot, he's gonna love it”, I replied trying to calm her nerves The crowd in the hotel was mostly mature and business-like guest, we did look a bit out of place being so much younger, even getting a few curious glares from older men wondering why we were even there or more likely checking us out.

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