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#60865 - Before she could say anything Rachel asked, “Mom, when Dave was washing me I felt funny between my legs and his penis got hard, and when I rubbed it white sticky stuff came out, why was that”? Mom sat back into the chair with a thud, she had been shocked with Rachel’s question, she just looked form Rachel to me and Louise, several time’s, then shaking her head to clear it she said, “I think it’s time I had the talk with you” we of course didn’t know what she was talking about and looked puzzled. She got me laying between her legs and reached down to my cock and told me to move forwards, as I did she guided my cock into her vagina, now for a woman of 34 to have my small cock in her I would have thought was hardly worth the bother, but mom seemed to enjoy the feeling, She have me move back and forth a few time’s then said to the girls, “See I told you it could fit in easily” “But mom, your older and your vagina is so much different to ours” Mom told me to get off and turn

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