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#304643 - There laid Allison cum coming out of all three ends there was one last thing that would go perfect with this work of art I have made, I need to cum first i decided to fuck her cum filled cunt that should get my cum flowing not to mention this is my first time having sex and this was the best way to lose my virginity it didn’t take me long to cum I pulled out and aimed my cock at the opening of a super soaker water pistol I must admit there was a lot of cum shooting out of me I managed to just fill the gun to the brink, I aimed the water pistol at Allison and squirted my cum all over her body face ass and pussy, after looking at Allison covered and full of cum I reminded her this was probably what she looked like as she whored her way through her school days I told her to apologise for all the shit she gave people lesser of her through school while at the same time lashing a belt across her broken ass I kept slamming her ass telling her to say sorry louder till I heard her yell out SOR

Read Tattoos Seishoujo Kojiin - Original Gay Outdoor Seishoujo Kojiin

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