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#48267 - He noticed I was spaced for a couple of minutes, speechless and so quiet, he looked me in the eyes, asking in a very low, soft voice “do you regret it?” I screamed “hell no, I loved it in fact, I loved each and every minute of what we have done, I cannot lie about it or deny it, haven’t you felt that?” He nodded smiling and saying “I sure did baby, I have enjoyed it so much, it has been so long since I have enjoyed sex the way I did with you, and I have clearly felt, each part of your lovely body responding to what I was doing, enjoying it as much as I did, am I right on that?” I said “yes sir, you sure are” He hugged me again saying “you are my mistress now, will you do it again with me?” Without thinking twice about it, I answered “Of course I would, I would love to be, and would be honored to be your mistress and lover, I know there is an age difference between us, but honestly, I did not expect such an action from you” I was silent for a moment, then I continued saying “I mea

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