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#25326 - At this moment, she was just like every woman in the room, a slave to mammoth shaft of cock that stuck obscenely in the air for all of them to see! Looking around the room, Curt gave everyone a chance to see his erection, because he knew that for the rest of his life women would do his bidding for just the chance to just hold his massive member! Turning his attention back to Mindy, he asked, What do you want? Raising her arms towards his groin, she said, Give it to me, please! Dropping between her legs, Curt took a hold of his shaft and rubbed his head up and down Mindy's wet labia, groaning out loud when he brushed across her tiny clit. Suck me, he said softly, throwing his head back as her mouth slid over his smooth velvety head.

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Dio brando
My peepee is really hard
Ai mizuno
It looks strange but i like it