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#209902 - As I drove home I son realised I had somehow got a painful cut on the sole of my right foot, also only then did I remember that, distracted by her bloody wound to her tongue, I had again not got round to feeding her.   Even when I shone the torch in under the upturned abandoned boat mould there was no movement from the sleeping bag.   It took at least half an hour to clear things up, give her some more water to drink then get her back into the sodden blood stained sleeping bag firmly bound and gagged before putting my own equally sodden clothes back on.

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Kiriko masaki
I need to sleep the man says when it s clearly the middle of the day
Joseph joestar
When riley approached the professor i was cringing oh god how awkward
Barret wallace
It would be a challenge to last 11 minutes with mandy sucking you off