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#296515 - They changed places again and this time he was taking his time and I realized that I was truly enjoying it, I liked his cock, it filed me and then he stopped pumping me and while grabbing me by my hips he said, “You do it” I didn’t understand at first but then he moved my hips and I understood, he wanted me to push my hips in and out of his cock, he was standing still with his hands grabbing my hips while I worked his cock, I was giving him my buns freely for his cock to enjoy them that went on for a couple of minutes and then he grabbed my hips, went deeper into me till I felt his pubic hair and then he moved my hips from side to side and said, “You do it” and now I was pressing my buns while he had his cock deep in me and I was, as instructed, moving me buns from side to side, and I was enjoying it, at that time they could have done anything they wanted with me. He was in me right away and he said, “Do it like this” he grabbed my hips and showed me what he wanted and now I was going

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Nichika nanakusa
Thank a lot
Kumiko oumae
If you left the dildo fixed and just moved your head while sucking it would be much more immersive you are a cutie
Totooria helmold
Wow this was super hot
Bad end march
Vrh si