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#395747 - They both soaped and scrubbed each other until finally ending up sucking each other's tits! One of the best things to see, however, was when one of these little sluts would wash her pussy! The little blond with the shaved bush and big clit would always first use a wash rag and then a her finger right inside her lips, and once when she was alone she friggered her clit to an orgasm! You could clearly see her clit protruding from her crack, and it was the biggest clit Joe had ever seen in his life! Probably the most exciting thing that happened, was a very unexpected visitor to the girl's shower. The blond girls tended to have less hair and this allowed you to see some very pouty pussy lips! There was one girl named Chris that must have shaved her cunt because her pussy was completely bare! Her lips were very full and her clit seemed to protrude out of her puffy lips. K.

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