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#356396 - He slowly drove past the swarm of bodies cruising the sidewalk, when he saw her, a thin white girl, walking slowly with her head down! He parked the car a little ways ahead of her, got out, waited until she was about to pass him by, and then said softly as she passed him, You hungry, baby! She stopped and turned to see if someone was talking to her, and Bobby Dick moved quickly to her side and asked again, Are you hungry!?! She nodded her head yes, and Bobby took her by the arm and led her into a all night lunch counter and said, Order anything you like. He handed the straw to Cindy and said, Try it, baby, i?t will make you feel so gooood!!! Hesitatingly, Cindy took the straw, and doing as Bobby had done, she too snorted the cocaine into her nose! Almost immediately Cindy felt herself starting to float around the room!!! Bobby had been right!!! It was absolutely fantastic!!! When Bobby began removing her clothing, she offered no resistance, in fact she laughed as he struggle

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