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#291397 - They were due to open in less than thirty days and still they were several chorus boys short of a full ensemble!!! Dick Logan, the director of the musical, sat with his assistant and said grimly, “Ross, what are we gonna do, we need at least two more men, where are we gonna find them!?!” “Well, why don’t you ask Mr. Mills if we can just relax the standards on cock size a little bit,” Ross asked hopefully, “I mean does it really make any difference that one cock is a little bigger or smaller that the one next to it!?!” “Ross, what do you take me for,” Dick replied tiredly, “don’t you think I’ve already tried that more than once, in fact yesterday I was begging him to let me use a perfectly fine dancer but since his cock was “only” seven inches long he adamantly refused to even consider him!!!” “Well,” Ross replied, “we’ve got three more auditions coming in at three this afternoon, I’d say we better say a prayer and cross out fingers!!!” At precisely three o’clock the first young man wa

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Akeno himejima
Because i know i will never have a boyfriend
Mikhail blanc
Don t listen to this guy apparently he s using the girls as sex toys who cares if they enjoy it or not am i right
Saya endou
Hits blunt