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#144591 - the next day when Jimmy awoke, there was a note from his mom saying that she would be gone for the day and to not get into any trouble, Jimmy saw this as the perfect opportunity to masturbate before logging into WoW so but Jimmy decided to watch porn on the TV instead of the computer since it has such a larger screen. When she finally got her shirt off it turned out she wasn't wearing a bra so there Jimmy was with a hot girl in front of him without a shirt on, a dream come true! That is when she said Well are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna jack off? That was all of the encouragement Jimmy needed, he whipped out his 6. She asked him how he was doing and all the normal stuff that one would ask friends, but then it got more personal, she started to ask how old he was, which he responded truthfully, and where he lived.

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Lol we have a temperature of not 50 cold so that everything freezes instantly
Mmm that must feel so good wish you could ride my hard cock like that