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#72474 - Lane noticed a rather satisfied and smug sigh from Addie, as they pulled up in front his residence. At first scared her not knowing what it was, when she finally saw it was only a dog, had started to relax, but as the dog got closer she again, became frightened! Not only was the dog coming directly towards her! He was a very large male black Lab with a shiny coat that reflected in the moon light, and she could see as he came closer the dog had a very large penis, and that this very aroused animal cock was wagging back and forth as the dog walked up to her!. Addie had been some what shocked by Lanes explanation, but even as naive she was, the picture of white women being sexually submissive to black men was starting to become more that just an appealing coincidence! Adanna had now opened up to Lane telling her about this unrelenting guilt she had, and did not know how she was ever going to get rid herself of it? Further going on to blurt out that her grandparents, and to a great

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