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#370661 - I knew father had a gun and at this point, anything was possible. They still have shape and the curve as if she was still in her teens, she was 45 then – time and gravity has been kind to her I guess, she was still firm after all these years! Just when I thought she was done she grabbed some tissue oil of one of my shelves, she and I are having irritable skin towards lotion so we use tissue oil instead, she was working it from her toes, up her calves, her thighs and a little longer around her globes. It was a different Saturday for me because normally by this hour I’m out with my friends or with one of my lady friends for a drink or under covers working the register but, for mom it was quite pleasant and relaxing - and for protection from my father… Today he’s drinking with friends or with one of his young girlfriends, younger than me on some occasion my friends would tell me they bumped into him with a girl younger than my sister who is 18 years old.

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