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#343312 - When she is able to catch her breath yes I understand, ill be good I promise she said as she picked up the now very much dented chair and sits down with the rest of the girls Looking down at the girls now to the reason you are all here, either your parents or boy friends were very well paid for the information on how to get you where you are now he said with a smile Your lying, my parents would never let you take me like this its against the alternative meat agency laws and my boy friend is to damn stupid to figure out how Jessica yelled, drawing everyone’s attention to her. With her chains in his hand he quickly wraps the chain around her neck tight No more bullshit from you or you die right now, UNDERSTAND? he said with only a small nod of acceptance from his chocking victim. Jessica quickly picks up one of the chairs and throws it at the man in front of the microphone yelling NOOOO!!! the man expecting this type of assault quickly ducks and says you dumb bitch

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