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#245528 - I had not thought of that! And I was not sure I wanted to,but he had sucked mine and I knew if I did not suck his cock then we would never do anything together again,so I nervously got down on my knees,I did not know where to start,so I tentatively kissed it,but Sean pushed and suddenly his cock was in my mouth,I started to suck the tip of his cock,it was thick and filled all my mouth,I tried to fit as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, but it had grown,it must have been seven inches and I could only get about a third into my mouth,Sean then started to thrust, forcing more of his big cock into my mouth,suddenly his cock was touching the back of my throat and I started to have trouble breathing,I tried to pull away but Sean had a hold of my head and then with one thrust,he pushed it all the way down my through,I was choking,and gagging,but I could hear Sean pant like a train as he started to fuck my mouth,I could barely breath,but he continued to ram his dick down my through until

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