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#367714 - We had moved to the side at the shallow end as we untied the strings holding our bikinis when i heard a splash behind me, one of the guys, it was Arun, had got in the pool, his trunks cast aside while the other two stood at the sides with their hands stroking large erections. Sensing my expression Penny continued I know, aren't you just so DAMN horny? I almost laughed but well a) it was true and b) Penny clearly wanted us to continue pretending we hadn't seen them, still Hell YES! I murmured back. Hi! Well I have just returned from Europe and thought I would relate some of my misdemeanors on that beautiful continent, hope you enjoy x x x Having spent a long hot day in Venice Penny, my asian dorm mate, and I had returned to our little airconditioned (thank god!) cabin and thrown ourselves down on our beds only to wake up hours later .

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