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#98101 - So your 16 right I said to Shelly” she’s 16 I told you piped up Gina” I’m not fucking asking you Gina I said to Ginayeh I'm 16 it was my birthday few weeks ago said Shelly” Happy Birthday , what did you get for your birthday ? I said Thanks, just some clothes and some perfume off of my Foster carers she said” You in foster care then? I saidYeh , but I’m moving into my own bed and breakfast in two days my social worker is sorting it out for me she said” sounds good I said In my head I knew she was 16 now you couldn't be living alone in a bed and breakfast under 16 on your own in the UK. v as long as we gave her the money she didn't give a shit .

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You can be my mommy
Rinko kobayakawa
This is a bitch