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#378071 - She, at first wanted to go places where we might get caught! Shortly after, because of and do to her upbringing and religious back ground the blindfold came into play, and over the years I have taken her out to adult motels out buildings my friend Steve's basement and of course parking in the woods and hills surrounding this area and later in Northern Calif and later yet in the north west numerous times, all naked bound and blindfolded, wearing only a coat! Once out in the woods or motel she wanted to be totally naked and to have no idea where her clothes were! She also insisted that she be bound to where there was no way she could get loose, this is where cord and duct tape came into play! It was not just for sex as this was a given, for her when she was in this condition anything that happens to her is not her fault and therefore no guilt! Or at least in her mind this is how she has rationalized her way around what we have done all through the years. If you want to make comm

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Kotetsu katsura
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