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#110775 - She gets up, stripping out of her tight pants and look him dead in the eye. “Slap my ass” He almost didn’t hear her groaned remark and he slipped one of his hands from her hips and gave her a hard slap on the ass, she groaned through clenched teeth and he felt her body spasm in pleasure, he slapped her again and she let out her breath in an explosive sigh and dragged in her breath as she bit on her teeth again, waiting for his hand to slap her again. She places her hands on her hips “Like what you see Ensign” “Uhm…Yes I do” “Ah so you can speak” Before he knows what’s going on she’s on her knees, plunging his cock deep into her mouth, for a moment he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

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Absolute perfection
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Did she fucking fart in the end
Yes pls