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#159646 - Lena looked down at herself, while she wore the same shirt, she had acquired a pair of jeans from Amélie’s closet, “Yeah well, y’know, they fit, and I didn’t fancy walking around in my knickers…” “Ha,” Amélie smirked, following Lena with her eyes as she made her way around to sit at the breakfast bar opposite her, her arms folding on the counter as she hunched over, “Are you okay?” She knew as soon as she had said it that it had been a stupid question, but Lena had seemed at least receptive to conversation and she hadn’t wanted a silence to build between them. In the arms of this accomplished assassin who had more than earned her moniker, she felt comfortable. Amélie felt Lena’s thighs squeeze around her as her cock bottomed out in the girl, her entire throbbing shaft buried as deep as it could go inside Lena’s lithe body, the walls of her pussy squeezing down on her, milking her length as she gyrated her hips up against Amélie's cock.

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