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#262580 - If anyone would have walked into that bathroom they surely would have been stunned to see a pretty young woman with her mouth attached to the over ripe pussy her mother! A deep groan gurgled up from deep inside of Marilyn's throat as a tidal wave of passion began welling up deep in the pit of her belly. With Cindy gently tugging at her clit ring with her teeth Marilyn's legs nearly buckled as her cunt was attacked with series of mini cums that only stoked the fires in her pussy even hotter! If she hadn't known better she would have figured her daughter was an experienced cunt lapper, but as far as she could tell this was probably her first experience at sucking the bearded clam! Cindy's own fingers were now literally flying in and out her gaping labia while both women were now shamelessly thrusting their cunts forward as they climbed aboard the Climax Express! Cindy had always figured that her mommy had a hot pussy, after all anyone who wore a clit ring was pr

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