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#17154 - Smallville water plant, she answered, may I help you? Trying to disguise his voice in the event this didn't work out, Harry whispered hoarsely, If you wanna get fucked, go to the old store room on the second floor and take off you clothes, I'll be there in ten minutes!!! Not waiting for her answer, Harry hung up the phone and made a beeline for the store room, hoping against all hope that she would come running! He ducked into an vacant office just down the hall from the store room and waited. Harry looked around to see if anyone was looking, and said out loud to himself, Good, the coast is clear, and then? quickly from under his coat he produced a half liter bottle filled with a colorless that appeared to be water, but in reality was a powerful sexual stimulant!!! What Harry did next, was to lift the cover on the water filtration plant's inlet injector, and dump the entire contents of the bottle inside!!! He watched for a few seconds, replaced the cover, and cal

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