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#357772 - fetcher in the window i stopped thinking about it and went to sleep soon after I went to sleep I felt something on my thigh I opened my eyes to see Mr. Hi my name is Kati and I’m 16 years old going on 17 in 3 days I have 36c firm Brest I am 5”7 and I have bright brown hair with blonde high lights I have a flat stomach and a nice round ass I’d say I looked good my alarm clock rang I got up and went into my bathroom for a shower when I got out I put my rob on and went in my room I took of my rob and opened my drawer when I did I felt like I was being watched so I put on a light blue lace bra and light blue panties to match along with a tight white shirt and some small black shorts and left for school the day flew by when I finally got to my last class I was the happiest person every my last class was history my favorite class only cause Mr. fletcher liked me at the end of class he handed back our homework when he gave me mine I looked at it and I got an F so I put a seductive smile on m

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