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#89471 - I would have never have found all this stuff if I had to look for it. “I’m not sure right now Stephen” “I am playing things by ear right now and I haven’t even asked any of them if they would even be willing to move” I said “What if they say no?” “Let’s work under the assumption that they will say yes and plan from there” said Stephen “Now how big is this place to begin with?” “Well, let me think” I said “There are two buildings located side by side and each are approximately sixty feet wide by a minimum of one hundred and seventy-five deep. ” “we weren’t going to go, but now since CT told me that you were, among other things, interested in this type of weaving and I happen to have an extra pair of tickets” “what do you say to us getting together then” he continued “we can all go to the lecture and you can give us a tour of this marvelous place that CT has told me you have created and we can see some of your work then go out to dinner afterwards.

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