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#262696 - . Clit loose, she really owes me? Darryl's wife Nina desperately wanting a child and unable to have one herself was out in the crowd vocally trying to whore Deanna out by pimping her to the nearest of Darryl's virile black friends that was standing around the pool table! Telling them, so others could hear that she, Deanna was a perverted little white whore, really ripe and looking to get knocked up, and one that loved black cock and would do the most nasty and perverted sex act, that any of them would want to try! Darryl, now with their date getting wilder by the minute and finally coming together, and he knowing Deanna's fantasy for, and interest in kinky and bizarre sex play, already had several ideas? Saying to her, you like pool don't you? Deanna never having played pool in her life and caught completely off guard, never imaging a question like this would be asked, especially under the present circumstances? Honestly bl

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