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#299281 - “here what do you think of this?” he asks wafting a pink heart shaped bottle beneath my nose, ”it’s called ‘Just pink’ smells really pretty don’t you think?” I take a whiff and agree as the smell of jasmine fills my space, “I like it” I say just as the girl at the counter calls me over and starts ringing up my items “this too” I say taking the bottle from Bens hands and putting it on top of my clothes We decide to get something to eat and head towards mac Donald’s, we quickly order our food and make our way to a table “You know, this has been quite fun” he says round a mouthful of cheese burger, “I haven’t been up here in a while” “HEY BEN” we hear someone shout, looking behind me I see Carl and their mate Terry walking towards us with their trays filled with food, They make their way to us and take up the other two seats at our table with Carl sitting beside me “Hey Jane, how was your first week at school?” he asks shoving a handful of chips into his mouth “Yeah it

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Yoshino koharu
Wow que rico
Man wish i can witness all 3 of you in person doing this love all 3 of you